Friday, July 30, 2010


Maria rode that tricycle a little bit tonight, but I didn't get a picture. She's in clothes from Candie here, I love that shirt. It's been so hot and I guess is going to remain this hot, so I took all her long sleeved shirts out of her dresser today. She has so many clothes, it's crazy. I could put her in something new every day, I bet.

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Monday, July 26, 2010


She looks like Laura, right? And me, too, I suppose. Look at her hair! I want you to know that I TRY to comb that hair out, that every night it is as smooth as silk. Then she must sleep on her back and grind her head into the pillow all night, so I brush it again in the morning. THEN she must grind her head into the carseat, which Veronica does too, and they both look like the Wild Men of Borneo when we get where we are going. I know Anthony's hair got thicker and I know Maria's will too but I am impatient! I think I might take her to get it cut and start new, her hair in the back is from, like, when she was born. It probably will just need a trim, right?

I went to the Y today with Maria to check out the preschool. I hope it works out because it seems great. I think she is ready to play with some peers and have some p.e. classes. We have really been having a lot of fun lately, so I think, sometimes, if she didn't go to preschool this year it wouldn't be the end of the world. She was tired today and crazy, but mostly she is fine. She was so great last week when we kept having to go out - she is certainly a girl who will get up and go and that is to be admired.

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This child is TIRED. She woke up at 5:20 this morning, we went to the Y to look at the preschool, and on the way home she completely lost her mind. Screaming and screaming and screaming "GO SHOPPING! GOOOOOOOO SHOPPING!". The hell? She was like a crazy person, I was talking to Mike on the phone but I had to go, it was too ridiculous to try and talk with that noise. She fell asleep on the couch and we moved her upstairs, where she screamed some more and then, mercifully, went to sleep. Sheesh.

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Babies in Sinks

Maria, in the sink this weekend. You can see our new kitchen color in this picture, it's much less orange (and more boring) now. The house is all finished and it all looks great! Maria and Veronica and I went out every day last week, I can't think of the last time that happened. Today I'm going to look at a preschool for Maria, at a local Y. I've heard very good things about it. I was going to take her to a co-op preschool, but it's looking like it might be too much of a time commitment for me, with regard to Veronica. It's not worth it for me to save $40 a month on a co-op if I have to spend $50 for babysitting. ANYWAYS.

I wanted to record a few things Maria has been saying, it's super cute. She calles pickles 'tickles'. Veronica has been getting into pickles lately and Maria calls them tickles, she asks for them too, but then she doesn't want them. I think she just likes to say it. Did I say she says 'two hands' for holding hands? Yesterday we were sitting on the couch and she put her hand out to me and said "two hands?", so we sat there and held hands for a while. She's as relentless as ever, but she's so cute and funny, a lot is forgiven.
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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

"Wash hands!" what she was telling Veronica, even though what she was really doing was drinking the rain water from the end of the slide. We had a good day today, although man - she gets up at the crack of dawn, she still is up screaming once a night, and THEN she bosses you around from the SECOND she sees you.

In the mornings when I'm tired, it's particularly hard to take. But then she can be so cute it kills me and by then I've had some coffee and I can better appreciate her charms. I should probably get the coffee maker upstairs. :)

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Sunday, July 18, 2010


Ha, this was funny. We were going out to get bagels and donuts this morning and I told Maria to go up and get a shirt and shorts and she brought this down. I was so impressed that she chose them, it's practically an outfit. I was bragging about her to Mike and he said "she didn't pick out those clothes, I gave them to her". Ha! I wasn't nearly as impressed by that!

She is a nut, she starts demanding to get down out of her car seat when we are miles from home. She wants to go "out front" all the time. Allllll the time. She goes outside for two seconds and then wants to come back in. She doesn't like to lie down to have her diaper changed anymore, she just backs up to me, standing, and I'm supposed to put her diaper on that way. She's so funny, though, even if she is as bossy as hell. Ha, like me, I guess.

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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Oh dear Lord

Look at her face! What the hell?

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Look at her little foot up in the air

She is so funny and weird. "Cheeeeeeese", she was saying here, but I didn't notice she kicked her foot up until now. She was up a lot in the night, mostly because Anthony woke up at 1:00 (!) for the day and he was super noisy. She used to sleep through all of it but I think Veronica is used to her quiet closet, so she is all, "what the hell?" when Anthony starts up and now Maria is too. I am hoping everyone settles in better soon.

Maria has been getting really sad when we leave lately. Friday night Mike and I left before dinner to go out and stay in a hotel overnight, and my parents stayed with the kids. Maria cried a little after we left, but then was okay until her bath, and then was okay after a minor freakout there. Then last night I got dressed for church and my parents came over and Maria said "no go to church, Mommy? Please?". I almost stayed here but I thought it's ridiculous, the only way to get her used to it is to do it - to go away and come back, like I said I would. It's sad, though, she shrieks and shrieks and that's what you have in your ears when you leave. I can hear it all through Mass, practically. Then Maria will get over it and Veronica will start and - ugh - it just feels like forever.

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Thursday, July 8, 2010


She did well with the petting of the goats. She wasn't scared of them like dogs, but I think that's because they just are lying there, not all up in her face. Look how wet her hair was, it was HOT.

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She looks like my sister in the picture. She is post-zoo here, she walked the whole way and it is HOT and STEAMY out. She didn't love the water park, because she couldn't take off her clothes and shoes. She was really good and seemed to enjoy it. I'm hoping it means a good nap for this afternoon!

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Mike took these. He has such a better idea of composition that I don't even do anything to his pictures. I'm always cropping the HELL out of mine. She is sweet in this dress, right? It's from Mike's friend Candie, as is almost everything she wears lately. She's been so funny this week, since Mike is home. If Mike and I are standing near one another, she'll say "Mommy and Daddy hug?", we do, then she says "Kiss?". Sometimes she says "Dance?" and Mike and I dance, and then she says, "Maria turn?" so one of us dances with her, her feet on ours. If she wants us to hold hands, she says "two hands?". It's beyond cute. Anthony has not been having an easy time of it, here lately, so it's so nice to have Maria ordering us around and getting pleasure out of watching her parents dance and hug and kiss. It's a good reminder to Mike and me anyways.
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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

She is sitting on the potty here

She is never going to be potty trained. Everyone in this house is going to be in diapers until Mike and I are in diapers. Then they'll be five of us pooping in our drawers. :(

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Sunday, July 4, 2010


She is getting sleeeeeeepy in these pictures. She and Veronica are both up now, for a nap. I told Maria it was time to take a nap and she said, as usual, NO! I told her Veronica was coming too and she said OK! They make noise together when they are up there but it's never for too long and it's usually just chitchat. It's so cute I can't stand it.

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Mad About Something

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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hair Don't

I know I've chopped off her feet and hand and that her hair is a mess but it's cute anyway, right? She's a strong thing. We are trying and trying to get her to STOP pulling on Anthony. It's working as well as everything else, I suppose. It's been so nice here and I am dying to go to a park or something but it seems like we spend the whole day napping! Tomorrow I am going to try to get them out in the morning and do something. Here's to hoping they sleep in late enough that they don't have to go back for naps before 8:00!