Wednesday, June 8, 2016

First Holy Communion

Here are some pictures from Maria's first communion.  I WISH she hadn't run around like a lunatic before her actual communion because her hair is messy but whatever, I'm not worried about it, really.  She really is a good girl and was a good first communicant.

Eight years, four months

I just noticed the ticker at the top of the page said she is 8 years, 4 months old.  How funny that we used to count days and then weeks and months and now she is 8, is all I ever think.  She is doing just fine, she is driving me crazy but less often.  I mean, she is as relentless as ever for bugging me about things but she also has good qualities which are becoming more obvious.  She has been a real help to me lately, which I appreciate.  She is a great swimmer, I don't have to worry about her at all at the pool.  They still freak out every time I tell them to do anything, like clean their room or the living/toy room but it's less and less.  We are onward and upward, as usual.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Friday Update

Maria is doing just great.  She got her ears pierced the day before her birthday and counted down six weeks until she could switch earrings.  She has now worn two different pair and I told her she should stay in them for a while.

She is getting ready to make her first communion in April.  This weekend she has to go to church early to make a blessing cup, which, whatever.  She also has to decorate a banner, so, the Religion teacher said, we can decorate the church and it looks nice.  If you want it to look nice, I want to say, don't have a bunch of eight year olds make banners, ha!  Also, I think the church already looks pretty nice, because of the presence of GOD and all, but whatever, I am not in charge.

She is doing very well in school, she is still kind of freaking out about every damned thing but I think maybe she is getting better about that.  We are reading Harry Potter (the first one) to her and Veronica before bed and that's been really fun.  We are flying right along in it, and I can tell they like it.  It's nice how they fall asleep with me reading to them, well, Maria sometimes pretends to fall asleep but it does make her really sleepy, unlike those damned electronics, which just jack her up.

Here's some cute pictures.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Eight plus

Now Maria has turned eight but that doesn't stop her from dropping to the floor and crying and yelling if her shoe fits funny and guess what?  Her shoe always fits funny!  She is doing well in school, so great in math, she is a girl scout, she started gymnastics after a long break this past Saturday.  She wants to have a friend over or sleep over their house or have them sleep over our house or in some way do something else besides what she is doing all the time.  Oh and she got her ears pierced!  It's going really well.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Almost Eight

It's hard/easy to believe that Maria is almost eight.  She is doing just fine, we are having what is turning into a big party this weekend, on Saturday.  What can I do, she wants to invite a few friends from school, then we have friends from our neighborhood and some of those friends have siblings who we are friends with too and then poof! we have over 20 kids there for the party.  It really is a more the merrier situation, though, because it's just for two hours and Maria really loves having a lot of people around.  Anyway, we are getting her ears pierced for her birthday.  I personally had to be ten years old to get my ears pierced, but that was almost FORTY years ago, good Lord, so I think she'll be okay.  I told her it's going to hurt and everything but she doesn't care.

Here are some pictures, I took the three girls downtown one night last week.  I used frequent flier miles to book a hotel right downtown and we went to the mall, to the movies, met my sister Laura for dinner, went to Monument Circle to see the lights on the 'tree' and then went to the pool at the hotel the next morning.  It was a very good trip, they had a lot of fun.  Maria is at a good age for stuff like that, she has some level of appreciation of it and she won't, like, run into the street.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Christmas Program

Maria has her Christmas program at school today, she's so cute.  My friend Marta gave me this gorgeous dress and Maria liked it, so off she went.  I curled her hair this morning, and she is a picky thing, she kept pointing out hair that wasn't curled, ha!  Here's her picture.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015


Next Sunday she makes her first Confession and in April she'll make her First Communion.  It's a super exciting time to be Maria Beck.