Thursday, April 20, 2017


Maria in April.  Pretty much like Maria any other month.  Maria is what I would call UNFULFILLED.  There is very little that makes Maria happy for longer than five minutes in a row.  Is this a good quality?  Can I turn it into one, even if just in my mind?

Lately, I've been working on Thursday nights because I am busy with kids stuff Monday Tuesday and Wednesdays.  I need to work so I have money to do all this damned stuff with them, but they all get mad when I work.  I think they'd like it best if I worked midnights, that way I could be available to them all the time, and still make money so they could do everything they want.  Of course, I would never sleep, but this isn't something that bothers them.  Anyway, if I work on Thursday nights, Mike has to take all four kids to Anthony's swim lesson.  To make this happen, I have to get ready for work before I go get Anthony, and then meet Mike at the girls' school so I can switch kids and race to work.  Mike then takes them all, they all have iPads to entertain them, and then he takes them to TWO different places for dinner.

Everybody hates it.  This morning the first thing I heard when Mike went in to get Maria up was her crying and moaning.  I asked her when she came out, what's wrong? She said she didn't want to go to swimming because she didn't want to take the car, she didn't want to be SQUOOSHED in the CAR!  I said, Daddy said you can take the van, and she dried up immediately and said OKAY!, and swooshed downstairs.  And I think, do other people's kids complain this much? Sometimes I feel like I have to put my head down on the nearest table, just to rest from all the complains that are thrown at me all day.  They are the most unsatisfied people I've ever met.

But, there are good things to being Maria too.  She is as smart as ever, she has friends and is friendly.  She is very good in church, one year after her first communion.  She has moments of being kind to Felicity and Anthony.  She is doing VERY well in baseball, here's a picture of her at her first game, scoring the first run.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Sheesh! October and then February! I know it's boring to start every post by saying how long it's been but man, I am terrible at this.

Maria is having a good February.  She is getting ready at school to take her iStep (our standardized tests in IN) for the first time.  I had kind of a run in with a teacher at her school.  Her teacher, the other third grade teacher, sent an email saying that they were getting ready for iStep and they were going to be SUPER busy, with every minute accounted for.  She said they were trying to make it a fun and challenging time and not get them too nervous about it.  This all seemed good to me until I got to the part where if they misbehaved, they would get a warning and then they would get extra homework.  (Screech like when the record stops playing).  I said what? We are supposed to support all this extra work they are doing and make it seem fun and challenging but if they step out of line they get ... more work?  It seemed backwards to me and I said it.  I got a lot of supportive emails from a lot of parents in our class and one back from the teacher, not answering my question about how it made sense to give more homework at a time when they have more homework than ever, because of course there is no answer for that foolishness, but just reiterating her position.  And you should have seen the homework! One hundred multiplication tables which Maria could do it her sleep, by the way, on a bright gold color paper!  Why not just put a big B for BAD on their chest?  Anyway I said that whatever her reasons were, I disagreed and Maria would not be doing any extra homework and we wouldn't be signing it.  I said that I am always supportive of my kids' teachers but I have to be supportive of them first and foremost.  It hasn't come up again, I don't know if they're doing it anymore or not but whatevs! It's taken care of.

Here's Maria at her Valentine's Day party, so cute.

In January, Maria turned nine.  She feels older and younger than that to me, time being what it is.  I feel like I remember her babyhood the best, because it was just the two of them and Anthony was 2.5.  When I had Veronica, Anthony was older and it was a loonier time and Maria was only 16 months old and by the time I had Felicity I think we can just safely blame old age.  Ha!  Anyway, her birthdays are always so crazy, she had 16 or 17 girls over, including my three, and they had a fun time, eating pizza and cupcakes.  She is a good life of the party.  Here she is on MLK day, we went out to breakfast because Mike was sick and we were trying to get out of the house.  

and here she is at her party, with the cutout of her that our friend Joe made.  

Who can remember?  This is why I should update more often! Maria got a tablet for Christmas, and a Hatchimal.  We had a fun break, I only had one week in common with them and then Mike stayed home the second week.  I took the three girls downtown again and we stayed overnight.  It was fun, they love swimming in that hotel pool.  Here's something I'd like to say after staying in the Hilton Garden Inn downtown two years in a row:  both years I have used Miles from my Chase credit card associated with United airlines and two years in a row the people who work at the hotel have been really crappy to me, as if I am somehow taking money out of their pockets.  But otherwise it was fun, we saw Moana (which we liked a lot, although Maria kept saying, THIS IS INTENSE!), had dinner with Laura, went to the circle and the big Christmas "tree", and to a fun candy store called Rocket Fizz.  

Here's a cute picture of the three girls at the mall, 

Monday, October 24, 2016


Time is just flying away.  Mike is home with the girls today on their Fall Break while I'm at work so he might feel differently, ha!  I had Maria's conference and she's doing just fine, she has her lowest grade of 93 in Science, which I think is mostly a talking problem.  She is super bright and she is really doing better this year with the talking thing, so things are good.  She is still driving us crazy at home.  On Saturday, she and Veronica got this idea that they wanted to have their friends over for a Sleepunder, where they don't sleep over but they hang out and play and do everything they would do at a sleepover.  But I didn't want them to have anyone over, I had to work two shifts on Sunday, Maria was going to go to Mass with Mike early on Sunday, I had to go to Mass Saturday night, I was tired and I have shingles and - I just wanted to have a night where no one came over! I feel entitled to this! So Maria kept ignoring me, just making her invitation and when I finally said LOOK! We are not having anyone over tonight, sorry!, they both were crying and sobbing like they were being sent to their death and I am not exaggerating.  What would they ever do if they had real problems?  It ended up to be fun, we rearranged the furniture in their room and we had root beer floats, it was fine.  It always ends up fine.  I saw a thing this week about teenage girls, post its to remind the mom that "her emotions are not your emotions" and "I should be the calm in the storm" and I thought, yeah! That is all true! It's hard to remember though, when you are tired and sick and stressed out, which I always am!  Anyway, here's some cute pictures.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Third Grade

Maria is doing very well in third grade.  She is playing kickball and while they have NEVER won a game, and in fact sometimes have the crap pounded out of them and have to rely on the mercy rule of scoring, she herself is pretty good and she seems to be having fun.  She loves to make musically videos and she loves to sing and do gymnastics.  She is the most persistent, dogged person I have ever met.  She is unbelievably dramatic and she literally cannot stop once she is on a roll, screaming about the unfairness of LIFE! We are working on it.  She is good at math and that's her favorite subject this year, so far.

I don't know, because she is our oldest neuro-typical child, I don't know what kind of 8 year old she is, comparatively.  Sometimes people on facebook say like, that their child is so caring and giving, kind and sweet, a real St. Mother Teresa! And I think, really?  Really they are kind and good and so selfless and so ADULT, at eight?  Maybe it's true but not for me.  I try not to feel bad about it.  I do think she is mostly perfect, I wish she would be better in church, take Communion more seriously but what can I do but keep taking her?  My sister Laura said she saw Maria and Mike in church last night - I had to work during the day so I went early and they went late.  She said Maria was good and never went to the bathroom once.  Is it just me?  Are they just super bad with me?  Because that makes me kind of mad!  Whatever, I should be grateful she does so well and be patient with the rest.  Here are some cute pictures.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Sunday afternoon I took Maria and Veronica to camp, today I'm going to pick them up at 2:00, so that's not very long, is it?  Since Anthony and Felicity are here too, it doesn't seem too strange, Felicity has been whipped into some kind of Incredibly Needy mode, so I don't feel like I have any more freedom or anything.  But it's been nice, they were both very good when I dropped them off.

One of the things I find with all things school-related and now camp-related is that when you are new, when it is your first year, you are on your own in a way that I never imagined I would be.  There are all those people around who have done it before! It seems like there would be a HUMAN understanding that you'd want to help people who may not know what they are doing.  It has been disappointing to me to find that when you need the most guidance is when people seem to be the least willing to give it.  We signed up the girls and made requests in our registration for them to be with friends from school and they ended up in a cabin together, but with no other girls that they knew.  All the other girls from their school who requested to be together WERE together and they were with a bunch of girls who all seemed to know each other! Why do it that way?  Why leave just my girls, who are seven and eight years old, the youngest you can be and go to this camp, alone and put all these other girls together, including ones who were FOUR years older?  I don't understand it.  I feel this will make us stronger and will make me be nicer to people who are in the same boat as I am.  Anyway.

I have missed them and yesterday I was making myself sick, every time my phone rang with a strange number I was worried it was the camp, saying something horrible.  I'll be glad to pick them up today and I'm sure, I'll be super sick of them by tomorrow this time, and that's parenthood for you, ha!

Here's Maria, the way I left her on her bunk, writing in her journal.  She's probably writing, Dear Diary, my mother said she'd hook me up with friends from school but she has left me completely on my own! Ha!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

First Holy Communion

Here are some pictures from Maria's first communion.  I WISH she hadn't run around like a lunatic before her actual communion because her hair is messy but whatever, I'm not worried about it, really.  She really is a good girl and was a good first communicant.

Eight years, four months

I just noticed the ticker at the top of the page said she is 8 years, 4 months old.  How funny that we used to count days and then weeks and months and now she is 8, is all I ever think.  She is doing just fine, she is driving me crazy but less often.  I mean, she is as relentless as ever for bugging me about things but she also has good qualities which are becoming more obvious.  She has been a real help to me lately, which I appreciate.  She is a great swimmer, I don't have to worry about her at all at the pool.  They still freak out every time I tell them to do anything, like clean their room or the living/toy room but it's less and less.  We are onward and upward, as usual.