Monday, December 29, 2014

Maria at Christmas

Maria had a good Christmas, even though everyone has been sick.  She has probably been the healthiest and today she is at a 2-day chess camp.  She wanted a Furby Boom and she got one, from Mike's mom, she wanted a Barbie Dream House and she got one, and she wanted some new Barbies and she got them.  So, pretty good, right?  Just want things and get them?  She is going to be seven years old in two weeks, we are on a countdown.  She wants to invite like 12 people over to play for her birthday.  She was furious that last year her birthday was on a Saturday and this year it's on a Sunday.  I mean, really!  I told her that's how it works - you were born on a Friday, I said, and then it just moves one day ahead per year.  I didn't even get into leap years, who needs that headache, ha!

One Christmas miracle we have been having is that she is sleeping late.  On Sunday they all slept until 9:00, which has never happened and which made Mike miss church, because he never sets an alarm on Sundays.  They always went up at 7:30 but Mike said he had been taking them up at 8:00 and then they were sleeping so late, so we are going to stick with it.  I really don't like to spend all that extra time with them, but I will make the sacrifice.  I am kidding about that last part, it's not actually that much longer, plus Maria and I have started reading Little House in the Big Woods, so that's been fun.

Here's a cute picture of Maria and Veronica when they were angels in the choir at Christmas Eve Mass.  Maria was really good and it's helpful that she can read, like for lyrics.  Veronica was mostly just humming, ha!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


I cut Maria's hair on Sunday, she all of a sudden wanted it cut.  She had a fever all day on Sunday and had to lie around, which drives her bananas, so I guess she needed to feel like she was doing something?  Anyway, I ended up cutting it a little shorter than I meant to but I think it came out good, she looks adorable.

I went in to her class today to help with their Christmas party.  I made a Grinch Punch, which was good.  Personally, I think as someone in possession of a theater degree with a focus on Creative Dramatics for Children, I think my gifts could be put to better use by reading a story or something, but WHATEVER, I just do what I am told.  It was fun, Maria's teacher is great and the other parents were nice and the kids in her class are sweet.  I know some of them from the library, so it was fun.

I am trying to busy us up a LOT for the next two weeks.  Friday morning Maria and Veronica have their little Christmas program at school and then they have an early dismissal and then they are off from school until January 5!  Ugh, doesn't that sound far away?

Anyway, here is a cute picture.  She had an Out of Uniform Pass today that she got for some good behavior or other, so she wore her Christmas outfit to the party.

Monday, November 3, 2014


Well it was an anomaly, Maria's bad and terrible behavior that earned her two red marks in one week.  She is doing just fine.  I'm not trying to jinx anything here, I really think she is good to go.  I went to her parent/teacher conference and she is doing super great in ... Math!  Isn't that weird?  I mean, she is doing good and even great in reading but she is in the top eight per cent of kids her age in math.

She went out for Halloween on Friday, she did great but hoo boy, the weather was awful and by the end she had had it.  I told her, she did great because - I mean, I just felt terrible for her.  She went as ELSA and I didn't give her gloves!  I was more concerned with the rain when we left so I had all these umbrellas but then the rain stopped and it got so, so cold.  She probably could have done the whole neighborhood but Felicity was slowing us down a lot.  She was glad to be done with it when we were done, and she did very little complaining.  She was a real grown up about it, which made me happy and proud of her.

She is being nice with everyone, sweet with Felicity and good with Anthony.  Today she auditioned for Annie, for the chorus, at school and I guess it went well.  She loves to play with the neighborhood kids.  She told me yesterday that Abby and Morgan, neighbor girls, say "Ma'am?" to their moms when their moms call them and she said she wanted to start doing it too.  I said okay, sounds good and she said what are you going to do about it?  I said well I can't do anything, it's really for you to do and then she wasn't as interested.  She is a funny duck.

Here's some cute pictures:

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Revolting Development

There are behavior charts in Maria and Veronica's classroom and I think I mentioned it last year when Maria was in Kindergarten, she loved it and was always on PINK which means SUPER STUDENT and now Veronica is in Kindergarten and she is on PINK every day and Maria is NOT.  It's harder, we have figured out, for two reasons.  The first thing is that I think there is just not as much impetus for a first grade student to be SUPER than for a Kindergarten student.  Veronica is excited to be there every day and she loves her teacher so much and she just wants to do right by her and the whole school.  Veronica told me the other day, did you know Jesus loved us so much that he DIED?  I said yes I did and she said well that is why I can just BE GOOD.

In first grade it gets a little more complicated, I am finding.  Maria certainly still cares about the fact that Jesus loves her so much but she just doesn't care as much as she did last year.  She certainly doesn't care about getting on Pink.  She has been on green (ready to learn) or maybe sometimes blue (good choices) but she just - everything has to be aligned exactly right for her to be on Pink, it's rare.  I don't care so much, she is doing well academically, things are good but this week she was on RED TWICE!  TWICE!  The first time, I got an email from her teacher saying that she didn't know if it was the weather or what but for the first time, she had more than half the class below green.  I asked Maria what color she was on and she burst into tears, saying "I don't want to tell you!".  I figured maybe she was on yellow or orange but hell no, she was on RED!  I said well you are not going to be in trouble for the first time it happened, Maria, and especially because it seemed like the whole class was having a problem.  That was on Wednesday and then Thursday she was on pink and Friday?  Back on RED!  Sheesh!  I made up these little quick prayers she could say when she felt like she was going to talk or whatever, like "lord I feel like I'm going to get in trouble, please come help me on the double".  I mean, I was trying!  I was extremely shocked when she did it again and this time she ran in the hallway!  What the heck?

So she was 'grounded' on Friday and we said she can try again this week, I mean, what else do you do?  Today I took the girls to the pumpkin patch and we had a high old time.  Here's a cute picture:

Monday, September 22, 2014


I told Maria the other day that she was a delight and she cut her eyes at me and said "I don't know what that means".  Ha, I told her, it meant she was a joy to be around and she said "well, that's good!".  She must be used to me complaining about her, ha!

She really is fun here lately.  She is still bugging me a lot about going to people's houses but I think she is getting more in tune with social mores.  I told her yesterday, look, you can go play on your bike, you can go for a walk, and if you see someone who asks you to play, you can play!  So she did go out and she ended up playing with our neighbors who go to the same school as she does, she had a really good time and she wasn't bugging me, and it was a win win.

I'm going to her school today to volunteer at the library, we are still enjoying that.  Today we were on our way into school and she said oh no!, I forgot to read my AR books!  I said, all weekend?  I mean, it seems to me like we read a lot of books, but I guess somehow she didn't read the ones that she was supposed to.  So we decided she could read them in the 20 minutes she had before school started, crisis averted.

Everything is fine, boring, which I guess is good if you are me and BAD if you are Maria.  Veronica always says "boring as a NORING", which means it's really bad.

Here's a cute picture of Maria as Isadora Duncan on her bike:

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Yesterday I was volunteering in the library at school and Maria's teacher popped in to say what a great reader she was.  Maria's friend Clive said that Maria finished all the petals on her flower, which I guess means that for each Accelerated Reader test that she passes, she gets another petal on her flower, anyway, he was impressed.  I told Maria's teacher, I knew she could read and it was very exciting but she is also very competitive and I thought the contest part of it was really appealing to Maria.  It's really exciting.  I mean, I assume it would be exciting anyway but she's really our first to read and I love it.

Veronica is starting to spell and read too and she is kind of exactly where Maria was at this time last year.  Maria is not exactly the most supportive older sister.  We did that LAST YEAR, she is always shouting at Veronica.  We talk a lot about how it would be kind and helpful if she told Veronica what to expect and to remember how excited she was to learn things in Kindergarten, but it doesn't always stick.

She is really doing well.  John is in town and brought them a book called Vampirina Ballerina, which is a combination of their favorite things and they love it. Maria was reading it this morning and it's just wonderful - she just reads away, like she's always done it.  When I think of what's out there for her - all the books and all the great words out there, waiting, it just blows my mind.

Here are some pictures!  The first is of Maria in her luchador mask, the one that my brother John brought her.  The second one is one that I took of the three girls when we were at our SECOND urgent care of the day on Sunday morning.  Last night Maria told John that Sunday morning was the "worst morning of her LIFE", all because it took us two hours and two urgent cares to get Felicity treated for an ear infection and pneumonia.  Ha, I think she might exaggerate a little!

Sunday, September 7, 2014


Ugh.  Today Maria went to a neighbor's house, she and Veronica both, and they were there for a while.  Later we looked out the window and we saw the oldest child from the neighbor's house playing with the other neighbor and we were like, um, what's happening?  Then Maria came home crying and crying, saying that the first girl's mom said that she was 'resting' in her room and so Maria stayed anyway to play with the little sisters and Veronica.  Then I guess she got the idea to go to the other neighbors' house and the dad there said his daughter wanted to play with her friend and, I guess, not with Maria.  OH, she was SAD.  SAD!  Crying and crying, on and on, how rude! she kept saying!  Why would they be so rude to me?  I don't know, I felt like crying, myself!  I went to get Veronica because I felt so strange about her playing there at the house where the mom - I mean, could the mom really have told Maria that her daughter wasn't home?  When she was actually just playing with the other neighbor?  I don't know but I just felt like I had to take up for Maria.

I said to Maria, listen.  I think it's best that you take a break from playing with those girls, let's just take a break.  She went on and on about wanting to go back there - back to where they clearly did NOT want to play with her and said you are a fun, smart and great girl and if those girls don't want to play with you, then the HECK with them!  Tomorrow you can go to school and you'll be back with your school friends, who love you, and it will be fine.

I don't know what to do with such a situation.  I know that I wouldn't lie to a neighbor, for my kid.  I think that sets a very bad example and I just - I wouldn't do it!  But I also wouldn't say that my kid could only play with one kid at a time.  I mean, in a lot of situations, Maria and Veronica come as a matched set and if you can only play with one friend at a time, that would be a problem for us every single time!

I just feel so bad for her - and of course she is not going to be everyone's cup of tea and she can be a pain but it makes me really sad for her when she gets so upset.

Later, she asked if she could go around the block by herself and I said she could.  Veronica immediately asked, can I go with her?  I said no, she wants to be by herself! and Veronica said okay but can I go?  Tonight she is sleeping by herself in Felicity's old room.  I don't know.  I don't feel like I get any better at this, ever.