Monday, April 21, 2014


I don't have any pictures because I have to kind of run along side her but Maria started riding a bike without training wheels yesterday!  It was very exciting, she went to our neighbor's house last night after Easter festivities and before bath time and came home riding a bike, ha!  She is a competitive person, so we knew that once our neighbor and her friend Brooklyn started talking about it last week that it wouldn't be long.  She is very cute about it, it's so exciting.

It's funny.  I keep thinking something will make me turn into the kind of person with whom I come in contact all the time, someone who moans about time! stand still!  Keep her this age forever, it goes so fast, where is my baby, blah blah blah blah blah, but I just don't feel that way so far.  Today, I figure, it's a bike, tomorrow a car and then she can help me with the groceries, ha!

Monday, March 10, 2014


Maria's school is doing this Leader in Me thing, where each class is studying The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Steven Covey, which is a book I studied in a management class years ago, which is funny, right?  Anyway, we went to the gym yesterday after Mass to have coffee and donuts, and Mike pointed out this award that Maria got, which was on the wall with eight others, which makes me think maybe there was one from each grade?

She gives 100% to everything, that's true, for good or bad, ha!  Lately we are having such a rough time with her wanting to BE somewhere else all the time.  It makes the weekends very unpleasant, because she starts so early with her demands that you feel like all you've done all day is talk about where she can go and who wants to play with her and who I should be texting, ugh, it is exhausting.

She is always very good in church, though, in fact she is getting to be a real help with Felicity.  We saw several of her friends yesterday in church AND her teacher, which is always a thrill to her.  She has game club after school today, which is a relief because it's one less day I have to pick her up at 3:15 and be badgered until she is provided with a) a treat or b) someone to play with.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Six Year Checkup

Maria is six and we took her to the doctor for her well-child checkup and it went just fine.  You may remember that when I took her for her Five Year Checkup, she had to get shots and she yelled and screamed so loudly that they sent in backup and she demanded a CANE because she couldn't walk.  I can't tell you how happy I was that she didn't get any shots for this, her six year checkup.  She weighed almost 50 pounds and her blood pressure was good, she is some kind of average height but I can't read the chart, ha! I should pay more attention,true, but couldn't they just write it down?  Must they give me a chart to read?

Anyway, she's great.  She's demanding and crazy but overall, great.  She is also not here right now, but everyone else is, so I have to go help Mike but I wanted to get it down about her checkup.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Six Things for a Sunday

  1. I took the girls to see Max and Ruby Nutcracker today, which was a Christmas gift from my mom, and it was really great, especially for Maria and Veronica and really, mostly, for Maria.  She is almost six years old and it gets better for us every single day, which proves my point that babies are  TERRIBLE and children are GREAT.  
  2. She was on pink every day last week at school.  Pink is the best color on the behavior chart and on Monday she asked to get a treat after school and I said we could get one, but we are only getting one this week so if it's today there are no more treats all week.  She said fine and then on Thursday, when she had been on pink for four days in a row, she wangled another treat out of me on Friday, as long as she made day five and she did.  But five days!  That's pretty good, right?  We have had our rough moments this week and I told her, she has to try to be as good at home as she is at school.  I said Mike and I love her and she treats us terribly and is always good and perfect at school, what gives, I asked her.  She said she doesn't know.  I want her to be good at school but I also want her to be good here.  That might be too much to ask, though.  
  3. We were on our way to a cookie decorating party this Saturday and we got rear ended.  We were in a rental because I JUST got rear ended last Tuesday, and there didn't seem to be any damage, but where the accident happened was a busy street, so I had to pull over on a side street to exchange information with him.  Maria popped out of her car seat and inspected the car like Officer Beck or something, she is so funny.  When we got back in the car, she said "this car is pretty tough, I didn't feel anything!".  
  4. She wants a Furby for Christmas, ugh.  I still don't think she is old enough so she is not getting one.  She is getting a booster seat for her birthday, we decided.  Don't tell her that's not really a birthday gift, we have to get her a car seat anyway, ha!
  5. She gets a good report every single week from school.  Today at church, the principal came over to talk to us and I thought she'd die of the thrill.  
  6. She still gets so mad, so fast, and it's frustrating.  Saturday she was lying on the floor when I left for work, crying and yelling that the only time she had fun all day was when she was at her friend Violet's house.  I had painted their nails in the morning, taken her to that party, gotten her in an exciting but not hurtful car accident, so much excitement and she has no appreciation for it so I was mad.  I was super mad when I left for work and later I called her to say that I was sorry I was grumpy before I left for work and she said "yes, why WERE you so grumpy, Mommy?".  Ugh she has no idea.  Tonight when I was at work Mike called me and I was scared because he never calls me at work, but of course it was Maria.  "I figured out how to call you MYSELF!", she said.  She is a hoot.  

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Fall Break

Maria had half-days on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, and now she's off on Thursday, Friday and Monday for Fall Break, so we went on a little getaway.  Wednesday afternoon, I took Veronica and Maria to beautiful Ft. Wayne, Indiana, so we could see the sights there.  We stayed at a Hampton Inn, and the girls were thrilled because we stayed in a suite and I was thrilled because even a nice suite in Ft. Wayne is pretty inexpensive!  We went to Applebee's for dinner, then to the mall to do a little shopping, then to Culvers for Ice Cream and then back to the hotel for bath and bedtime.

HOWEVER.  Those girls would NOT go to sleep.  Veronica was running around the room like she was high on cocaine or something, saying, MAMA THIS HOTEL IS AMAZING!  AMAZING!  and Maria just ... she did not intend to go to sleep.  I am sick with a cold which is probably bronchitis, or pneumonia or something and I finally just fell into bed and turned off the lights and tv and they went to sleep after a while, past 10:15, which is just insane.  Then they were up about every hour on the hour, coughing, drinking water, asking is it morning, ugh, just ... up, I felt like I didn't sleep at all.

Of COURSE, they were up at 7:00.  They were pounding away at me, they wanted to go to Cracker Barrel.  I told them that since *I* hadn't slept all night, I was going to sleep until 8:00 and then we'd get ready so they kind of left me alone, even though Maria kept opening the door to the hallway, ay yi yi.  We had a nice breakfast at the Cracker Barrel and I bought them a little trinket in that store that they love so well.  Veronica had a giant fit because I wouldn't buy her - I can't even remember, something, so I just left.  That happens a lot anymore, I guess if they want to have a fit they can, but I am not sticking around to see it.  I do it a lot leaving the schoolyard.  I tell Maria we have to go and she drops to the ground and then I just leave and she (so far) always catches up.

We went back to the hotel to check out, then to the Science Center in Ft. Wayne, which was fun, I think they had a good time.  We went to Starbucks to have a coffee (me) and a treat (them) and we waited for the Children's Zoo to open.  It's really closed for the season, but they have a special Halloween trick or treat thing, and we went to that.  It was fun.  It's a teeny zoo, compared to ours in town but it was nice and they got some more candy (which we do not need) and then they were ready to go - it was cold and right when we got in the car it started raining in earnest, so we were glad to get out of there.

We were gone about 24 hours and I wish some things were different.  I wish I weren't sick, that made it difficult.  I wish they would possess the ability to go to bed at a decent hour even if they are not in their room.  I wish they didn't get so mad when their every wish wasn't granted, BUT, there were times when they were really good.  They didn't get so mad that I wouldn't buy them a $20 snake at the zoo today, which I am taking as progress.

Lord, this one sad thing happened.  One of the things at the zoo was you could make a Halloween bracelet for $3, it was basically a piece of black string and you could string 8 beads on it.  EIGHT BEADS!  For $3!  Whatever, we did it, they each made one and I gave the dingbat a $10 bill and she held onto it forever.  She said, after we were finished, waving the $10 bill at me, did you give me this?  I said yes, I did and she said okay.  Then she stared at me and then I realized that she didn't know how much change to give me, so I said well, if it was $3 each, then I got two and that's $6, right?  She said right and ... So I said, that'll be $4 back.  She said do you ever have one of those days? and I said sure but let me tell you something, Ft. Wayne Children's Zoo Carny, I NEVER have a day where I can't figure out that $4 is the change for a $6 charge if someone gives you a $10 bill.  SHEESH.

Here's some pictures of our trip:

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Street Angel

When Maria was a baby, she was so grumpy and mean at home but she was really wonderful at the store, or out anywhere.  I used to really like to take her to church, even.  My sister was telling my old friend David when he asked how we were doing that Maria was only good out in public and he said she was a Street Angel and it's true!

Now I feel like she is being a School Angel, and Everywhere Else Angel and she is being kind of rough here at home.  Tonight she was at our neighbor's house and I went to go get her for dinner and my LORD, she was freaking out.  FUH-reaking OUT, crying and crying, it's so embarrassing, she is walking down the road just yelling and crying!  It's awful.  Then tonight, she was whining because - I don't even remember why, but - oh I remember why.  She brought five pieces of paper upstairs to her room and I guess she was planning on coloring every single piece of paper and not only that, but every single piece of paper had to be treated like it was a MASTERPIECE or something, because when poor Felicity wanted to color one of them, she acted like the person who discovered that lady in Spain that messed up the Christ picture or something, sheesh.  So I said okay let's just read our book and forget it, I am reading a Junie B. Jones book to her, and she would NOT stop whining over me reading.  I warned her I wasn't going to read anymore if she kept whining and then she did and then I warned her again and then she whined again and then I jumped up and said GOOD NIGHT NURSE and then she really went nuts, crying and crying.

Look, I said, you can't be so good at school that you get to PINK every day, that your behavior is FABULOUS every day, and then come home and shit all over us!  We are the ones who love you and take care of you!  Okay!, she said!  OKAY!

So we'll see how that all works out.

Here's a cute picture of her at the pumpkin patch where we went last week.  She was well behaved on the trip and it was fun to see her with her friends.  I am very proud of all the work she does in school, writing, and spelling, and reading, she's doing great.  I just wish we could get a handle on this behavior thing, jeez it makes it so unpleasant at such unfortunate times of the day - picking her up from school, bed time, etc.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Three for Thursday

It is extremely challenging for me to keep up with these blogs!  Poor me!  Ha, I am going to try to aim low with just three things about Maria, today.  

  • We had a playdate with a new friend of hers this week.  Her name is Violet and she is very nice and thankfully, the mom seems very nice too.  It goes down like this - Maria comes running out of school last week, and yells at me, VIOLET AND ME WANT TO HAVE A PLAYDATE!  CAN WE HAVE A PLAYDATE?  WE WANT TO HAVE A PLAYDATE!  I say, well, I will talk to Violet's mom.  I have no idea who Violet's mom is, but what I am hoping is that she is NOT one of the Mean Moms.  Chances are she could have been, there are a lot of Mean Moms at pickup.  I have been lucky because Maria likes this boy named Leo and his mom is very nice and now Violet is a friend and I like her mom, too.  Anyway, Maria screamed and yelled and had to be removed from the schoolyard on Friday because she wanted to have the playdate IMMEDIATELY, she was completely uninterested in future plans.  She has been having a lot of these breakdowns, always at around 3:30, even on the weekends.  I'm sure she's tired and she spends all day being good and fighting her natural inclination to talk and misbehave, and I understand that she feels safe with me and that's why she can misbehave with me, but LORD.  LORD.  It is getting downright embarrassing, the yelling and screaming every day.  Anyway, I emailed the mom and we went to a park near school this week on Tuesday, it was fun.  Mike is on Furlough (ugh) so he stayed home with Felicity and I just took Maria and Veronica.  
  • Maria told Mike last week that she was going to call 911 on him.  Thank God she didn't, she just threatened him.  I asked her why she did it and she said he was making her really mad!  Can you imagine?
  • Felicity has been sleeping in her room and even though it's a pain because Felicity wakes up a lot earlier than she used to, I think Maria likes being in charge of two minions instead of just one.  This morning she and Veronica came in my room where I was sleeping and said "I have a crying baby for you, Mommy!  It's Felicity!".  I always think, reporting live from the end of the bed, Maria Beck.  
  • Things she has really improved, in just a few weeks of school include writing, reading, being quiet when she is supposed to, being good in church, and climbing the HELL out of those monkey bars.