Sunday, July 26, 2015

Funny Story

So I never have any pictures of Maria because whenever we go to the pool or whatever, she immediately leaves me and then only appears when she needs money or is mad because I suggest leaving after four or five hours and who wants to see pictures of that?

But the other night I took Maria and Veronica to see Mary Poppins, a local production of a high school theater summer stock company, and I went with my friend Jill and two kids she was babysitting, who are Anthony and Maria's ages.  I was sitting far away from Maria so I couldn't shush her during Act 1 like I wanted to.  So at intermission, I said to Maria, listen - NO TALKING during Act 2.  She said, quick as a whip, "So what if someone says, hey cutie, you look really cute!, I can't even say thank you?"  Where does she get this?  Does she just keep this stuff in her head ready for me?  I do not even know.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

The Pool

We recently joined the Knights of Columbus pool, although we all call it the K of C, but Maria thought it was KFC, but she told me today that Abby told her that it's K OF C, and that KFC stands for Confessional Fresh Chicken.  She kills me.  I corrected her, but really what does she know of Kentucky?  Or Fried Chicken, really?

Anyway, Maria loves the pool.  She is getting so grown up but she's also still a little kid.  She was on the diving board today and she drew my eye to her.  I could TELL that she didn't want to jump in (it's 11 feet deep by the diving board).  So I called her over and she cried and cried and said "I don't want to DO this!".  I said well, don't!  You are starting swimming lessons tomorrow and you will get more confidence and it will be fine.  I said Veronica is whooping it up there in the 3 and 4 feet deep area, play with her!  Kids are impossible, all I hear all day at the pool is "can you do this?" and "I can do this!".  Shut up, I think, none of you can even drive or vote and just a few years ago you were pooping in your drawers like everyone else.  Sheesh.

Anyway, it was prohibitively expensive to join the pool but it was worth it.  Maria is really having the best time and she's so cute, all freckled and tan.  She's sleeping well and being generally cute and fun.  I wish I had a good pool picture of her but she is always away from the me at the pool.  I have instead like 100 pictures a day of Felicity, who is right by my side, ha!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

End of First Grade

Oh, Maria.  She is always so gone I don't even have pictures to post!  She loves to go out and be out and do stuff.  She is a genius, she is doing great at first grade, I have zero reasons to worry about her in second grade.  That's good, right?  She said two funny things tonight, let's see if I can remember them. We were on our way to Pat Flynn's, the restaurant where I used to work, so she could troll for donations for her walkathon which is tomorrow, and we were on our way there and she said to me "maybe if no one donates, we can just rob them.  KIDDING!.  Ha!  She is kidding.  Then she said another funny thing but I can't remember.  She is a joy and a terror to me.  Today Felicity was sick and I said I'd take her for a cookie after we picked up Maria and Veronica.  So we picked up the cookies and we were getting back in the afterward and I asked Maria to strap up Felicity and she moaned, ughhhhhh, and I said nevermind I will do it!  And she said no! I will do it and I said no!  You have to just DO IT you can't complain!  It's hard.  Sometimes she will say something mean and then say "just kidding" to Veronica or something and I tell her, you can't do that.  It's just as mean as if you *weren't kidding*.  She is trying.  Sometimes I think she has the weight of the world on her shoulders, my poor first neuro-typical baby nd sometimes I think oh the HELL with that.  She is fine.  Her teachers love her, she has one million friends, we are crazy about her, she is fine.  She is more than fine!  She is a genius almost second grade girl!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

April 2015

Maria is losing teeth left and right!  She feels a tooth getting loose and then she talks about it incessantly until it gives up and falls out, ha!  She is doing very well in school, she has a lot of friends, she is practically perfect.  She is extremely dramatic and if something makes her mad, she drops to the floor and writhes around doing a St. Vitus Dance.  PS something makes her mad almost every day, usually by 6:45.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Day 24 of Lent

Maria marched in the St. Patrick's Day parade yesterday, Mike went to Party City and got her beads and a cute headband with shamrocks on it.  She had a great time, I am hoping that at some point I can find some pictures of it and I'll put them up.

She also finished Monarch Madness last night, which caused them to be up late, it was well after 9:00 when they went to sleep last night so she was super tired and grumpy this morning.  But she can be cajoled into feeling better, and once it occurs to her that she is going to get to go to school and see everyone, she's better.  Lately, I don't know, she just is getting super charming and sweet so even when she is grumpy I know it's not going to last and I can just wait for her to turn back into her great self.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Day 19 of Lent

Maria was in the library when I got there today to volunteer.  She was with her friend Camille, and I was thinking about when school started this year.  Maria was with some kids from her kindergarten class, her friend Luke, and her friend Violet were both in her class the year before.  She told me there was a new girl and her name was Camille.  I said oh how nice, where did she go to school last year?  Maria said, like I was stupid, I don't know!  I didn't talk to her because I don't know her!  I said, Maria, because she is new is exactly WHY you should talk to her and be nice, maybe she's lonely and could use a friend.  That girl marched herself into that school the next day and started talking to Camille and hasn't stopped since, they are total BFF's, according to Maria.

I like her friendship with Camille because I think it shows that a) she listened to me about something and b) that she is a kind person, she has a good heart.  I'm so proud of her, every day.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Day 15 of Lent

Have I said how good Maria is at Math?  She is good at everything, school wise, so far, but she seems to have a great grasp of Math.  She is doing some kind of ca-razy math at school and it's driving Mike and me crazy but we have learned that we don't even really have to get involved.  It's so dumb, she is subtracting and adding by tens and she uses a CHART to figure out, like, 72-10.  If I were doing that, I'd put the 72 on to and a 10 beneath it and then I'd subtract 1 from 7 and 0 from 2 and get 62 but she has to check it on some chart to get to 62.  I don't really want to argue with anyone and as I told Mike, if she can learn it at seven years old, we can surely learn enough to help her with her homework.

Every day that she gets older gets better.  I am sick of so many things but I feel like I will never be sick of helping her with her homework, with listening to her read.  I consider it a miracle.