Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Grade Four

Maria has started fourth grade, next year, as long as we are still at her school, she will start Middle School, how exciting! She is doing very well.  We had kind of a big mess at her school in the beginning.  Toward the end of July, most students at her school get a postcard or letter from their new teacher, this is how they know who will be teaching them.  We know some kids whose parents teach/work at our school and they all told Maria and the others who they had, so everyone was going nuts and I was happy once the cards started rolling in.

Felicity got her letter and Veronica got her letter and Maria got - no letter.  So I emailed the school and asked and I was told who her teacher was.  I told Maria and then when we went to Back to School night, Maria was listed, ALPHABETICALLY, as last on the other teachers list of students.  Maria being Maria, she was kind of freaking out about it and Mike and I were trying to get a ton of supplies dropped off and tend to Veronica and Felicity, especially Felicity, as it was KINDERGARTEN that she was starting.  Anyway, when Maria got to school two days later on Day 1, she was back with the original teacher.  EDITED//

She is doing so well, though.  She is happy and seems to like her teachers (there are two) and it's who she originally wanted so everything is fine for her, which is what matters, right?  RIGHT.  She is doing well in school, she takes tests at the beginning of the year for reading and math to see where she is and she is just fine, although she is doing better in Math than Reading, which is a surprise to me.  I mean, she is in the ninety something percent for Math and seventy something for reading so it's all good but I just - I'm always surprised when they are not exactly the same as I am, ha!

She is playing kickball and doing gymnastics and doing fine in both.  I really don't like gymnastics, I don't think it's necessarily good for her, but she really wants to do it so for right now we are doing it.  Volleyball starts in the spring and I'd love for her to do that, too, we will see.  They all went to the Fair with Mike this year, as I was already at work.  Maria is good and happy and as loud as ever, but I suppose we wouldn't have her any other way!  Here are some cute pictures.

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