Thursday, May 18, 2017


Spring and headed for summer! It's been so hot.  The other night at Maria's game it was BURNING hot, she was horrified that she had to wear her baseball pants.  Can't I wear SHORTS!?, she asked.  The answer was no.  She has been doing well, at first she was not batting that well but boy, she really  turned it around on Monday at her game.  They also won in the bottom of the sixth, (their last inning), it was great.  I take Veronica and Felicity to Maria's games so I can't exactly what the whole thing, but from what I saw it was good.

Maria is almost in fourth grade! Next year she gets to wear a uniform skirt instead of a jumper.  She wore her jumper the other night to a program and it looked so cute on her, she has been in pants/shorts forever, it was nice to see it again.  She has some eczema on her one shin, it drives us all crazy.  We are trying to remember to put lotion on it every night but it's a pain.  Our nights are getting so short, we barely get home from whatever we were doing and then it's right to bed.  I will be glad when school ends next week, for the first time ever! 

She has had a very successful third grade year, she really makes us proud every day. I try to remember to tell her that because she also drives us crazy every day and I for sure tell her that.  

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