Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Poor Baby

She just fell down the stairs, ugh. She's okay but I am going to have a heart attack.
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I am editing this to add that I gave her a wee ice cream sandwich after her fall, to cool her off and be able to get a look at her, that's what's all over her face!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Most Annoying Child Ever

and I am including Anthony so that is really saying something.
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I forgot to say these clothes! Marita brought them over last night, FIVE bags of clothes, that SHE snagged from her friend Colleen, who has two girls. These clothes that she's in now are my favorite kind of clothes - cotton and soft and striped and cute but not too girly or itchy or anything. It was like Christmas Day over here!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Stolen Chew Thing

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Here's a story about Maria's and my trip to the grocery store today. She was DYING to go out, grunting and pointing at her jacket so I put it on her and took her with me. I was DYING to get out by myself, but she is too cute when she gets to go out and I needed someone to be cute today, as we have been up AGAIN since 2:30 this morning and we are dying of the tiredness.

SO we went to the store and I got my stuff, I got some Graham Crackers so Maria could eat them and leave my stuff alone and she was pretty good, but we got on a pretty long line when we were leaving so she was waiting and then she was getting sort of impatient and I held her for a minute and then put her back and unloaded my groceries. She was holding my keys but I needed them so I had my little card for the store, so I gave her my wallet but she kept taking cards out of it and was annoying me. I get up on line and the cashier says "how are you?" and I say "fine, but this baby is driving me crazy!", you know, like kidding and making chitchat and recognizing that I had picked up all my credit cards. The checker says, slitting her eyes at me, "they can only drive you crazy if you let them". At this point, she is dead to me and I just want to get out of there, so I started bagging my groceries. THEN she says "you just have to be smarter than the baby".

I said, slitting my eyes right back at this jackass GROCERY STORE CLERK, "awesome! I had no idea I could get my groceries checked out AND mothering advice!". THEN she says "It's just a conversation...Dear Heart". Well. I had had all I could take from this dumb ninny, I mean WHO in the HELL says this stuff? Maria, by the way, was just sitting there as GOOD AS GOLD. So I said "is there a manager I could speak with?" So she stormed away and got the manager to come to the desk and I went to talk to her. I told her that I was sorry, that I really had just come in for groceries, but I thought it was a little much for the clerk to tell me that I had to be smarter than my baby. And then to call me Dear Heart! The manager apologized and said I didn't even have to tell her who the checker was, that she would talk to her and that she was really sorry that it happened. Lord. The really funny part was that I came home and said to Mike "I got into a fight at the grocery store!" and he said, "A fistfight?". I am trying to look at it as a compliment that he thinks that I am the kind of person that would take their one year old baby to the grocery store, EIGHT months pregnant, and get into a fistfight. Like maybe he thinks I'm really tough? But mostly I think he thinks I'm crazy. :)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Maria's Room - New Floor

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My Aunt Barbara gave the kids gift cards for Christmas and I have taken them out several times to try and find something for them but then today I thought new rugs! That will be something they need and appreciate (someday!). Maria and I went to Target after she napped (thank GOD) this morning and we got the big rug, a smaller rug (both pictured) and a third rug for near the door. We are getting new blinds for the kids windows but then I think her room will be ready. Ha, when she is more than one year old. :)

One Pill Makes You Larger

It's empty, mostly, but my GOD she loves that bottle of Tylenol. She gets itout of the cabinet and then goes insane until I open it. I am sick of her today so I am doing whatever she wants if she'll leave me alone!
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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

2:00 p.m.

...still up. She has not really napped today and has been up since 5:30. We're home now, after spending the morning at my friend Marita's house. Maria didn't want to nap there, though, which makes me dread tomorrow. The floor guy only did Anthony's room because ... he's an idiot? I guess I can say whatever I want about him, since I doubt he'll read this. He left by 1:00, his helper was sick so he was on his own. So now he is supposed to finish Maria's room, our room, and the hallway by tomorrow AND carpet the stairs. Anyone want to take a bet whether or not he finishes in time? I hate contractors. And people.

ON topic, here's Maria, trying desperately to fit a key in the doorknob. Poor stupid baby. ;)
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Friday, March 20, 2009


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Pretty Baby

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...and awe, with Laura, who was kind enought to spend her day off with us. THAT is LOVE!
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Friday Morning

Notice how Anthony is studiously avoiding both of us! Maria is trying to go for the mouse in one of these pictures, but she doesn't know that we bought a wireless mouse and keyboard and it's doing her NO GOOD AT ALL to mess with the wired one. Ha! Take that, Maria!

She has been sleeping well at night but kind of a mess napping during the day. We went to therapy yesterday and it sort of stunk - Anthony had a major meltdown about half way through and Maria just pads around after him the whole time, which annoys him and worries me, but it all wrapped up in about 20 minutes. It will be better when I'm not taking her to therapy anymore, it's hard on her and hard on him. I assume she is going to be losing her morning nap here soon and *maybe* sleeping a little longer in the afternoon so it will be better once we can fix the schedule so she doesn't have to go. She is in these super cute pajamas I got a Kohl's last week here, they are 18 months and a little bit long. She also has her shoes on not because we're super formal but because if she finds her shoes, she INSISTS that you put them on her, it's insane. She was chasing Mike around with her jacket this morning, too. She is a nutball.
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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Monday, March 16, 2009


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She always climbs to the highest height she can and then wobbles around. It's awesome. :)
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Boys Don't Cry

She does look like a boy in these clothes, right? She kind of looks like a man-boy with that beer gut. I don't care, really, but it has never occurred to me before how differently their jeans are cut.
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She is ridiculous. She puts the sunglasses, which are way too big, up on her head at that rakish angle and then she shimmies her body until they fall off. And then she gets really, really mad.
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Monday Again

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Maria, eating a cookie and watching me. I have her in a pair of Anthony's 18 month jeans and they're cute but they're so boyish and I put her in a green flowered shirt over her onesie but she still looks like a boy today. We just went for a walk and passed one of our neighbors and she said "He's so cute!". I just said thanks. :)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Pretty Baby

She really is a pretty thing. I'll say it again, thank GOD.
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She likes a closed door, just like Anthony.
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She really played a lot in the house part of the swingset. That outfit is from Anthony's teacher. She is (sorry if this is TMI) the craziest pee-er EVER. I should really just get in the habit of changing her diaper every 90 minutes to avoid her getting all wet but sometimes I do and her diaper is completely dry! Cloth diapers are fine by me, I swear, but sometimes I feel like I need to be a wee (ha) bit more disciplined than I am when it comes to using them. This is all to say this is her one millionth outfit of the day.
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You Should See the Other Guy?

Well. I don't think that even Anthony has ever had a goose egg like this. Maria was up on and off last night until like 12:00, Mike went in and I went in and then finally I guess she went to sleep. She seemed fine, wasn't warm, she went right to sleep as soon as we went in and picked her up, so I guess she was just having some trouble settling down. Then ANTHONY woke up around 2:00 and has been up ever since. This is all to say that we are TIRED and I was messing around with Anthony this morning while Maria crawled off and got up on the trampoline and I guess was trying to crawl up on the hope chest? And BAM she hit her head into it. It got swollen like that *immediately*, and blue and now is turning kind of a reddish/purple/blue color. Ugh. We are too tired to watch the kids!
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