Sunday, March 3, 2013


Maria hasn't had a haircut yet but she wants one.  We looked at pictures of haircut styles online and she has chosen a VERY short haircut.  I don't know if she can pull it off - her hair is pretty fine.  I'm going to try and sway her, we'll see.  I think she'd look super cute with a haircut like she had before, just a short bob with bangs, we'll see.

We had a good weekend, she had her ballet recital on Friday and then we went to meet a friend of mine with her daughter for lunch.  Maria was driving me crazy, CRAZY.  She doesn't let me talk at all, to anyone.  "Mommy!  Mommy!  MOM!  MOMMY!", all the ding dang time, it's infuriating.  It takes forever for us to leave anywhere, I count it down, I give her warnings, all of it and she just refuses to listen to me.  I am working on it, but in the meantime it's annoying.  

So we were walking out, we walked maybe 50 feet and then I wanted to see my friend Christina, who is in with her baby girl twins, her friend Adam, and her cousin who is going to be her nanny.  I was trying to say that if the cousin needed anything ever, she should call me because I live close by, etc., and Maria was all up in my grill needing water.  These people think that I should be able to just SHOOT water and tissues from my fingers, it's DEEPLY BOTHERSOME.  So Pat, my boss and the owner of the restaurant said he would help her and he took her and then I sort of said to the sky, like I'm wont to do, "drink that water, and then fold up the cup and jam it in your ear, Maria" and the nanny said "um, are you the nanny?  Or their mom?".  Ha!  I said that although I'm sure I ACTED like a DISGRUNTLED hourly employee, I was in fact their real mom.  Ha!

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