Sunday, February 24, 2013

Of course!

Today Maria and Veronica and I went to church and then we went to Le Peep to pick up breakfast.  As we pulled up to the restaurant, Maria started bugging me about getting a booster.  She didn't say booster, exactly, but I figured out what she was saying and I said no, Maria, you are not getting a booster, you already have a car seat.  Ooh she was getting so mad!  I knew why she was thinking it, she spent time with her friend Charlie this weekend and she has a booster seat.  She is six months older than Maria, although I like to keep them in 5-point boosters as long as I can and I had no intention of moving her, which is WHY, I told her, we spent almost 300 damned DOLLARS on her present car seat.  Anyway, she cracks me up.

We went into the LePeep and this GORGEOUS young guy was working there and he gave them each a mint and she said "Thank You" and he said Gracias, say gracias, and now you know Spanish.  He was SUPER cute but she would not engage, even though she totally knows gracias, and hola, and a lot of Spanish words.  But she was TOO MAD about the BOOSTER seat to even talk to this cute boy, ha!

We were walking out and I was blathering on about her car seat and how safe they were, I said don't you think I should keep you as safe as possible?  And she said OF COURSE I DO, MOM!  Ha!  She is five years old!  She was still mad when we got home but we settled on this - we will revisit it in July, when she is five and a half.  So I have until July.

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Hannah said...

Ha! Nathan has been begging for a booster seat too ever since he got a ride home w/a friend who was in a booster. I told him when he was too tall or too heavy for the 5-point harness so he weighs himself a lot. It is super annoying how much he whines about it but I keep reminding myself that when he's a teenager he'll have friends whose parents let them drink or do other things I don't agree with so I have to stay strong on the booster seat issue to set precedent!