Monday, August 26, 2013


So Maria has started Kindergarten.  She hasn't just done well, she's done incredibly well so far, and maybe I am naive, but I feel like that's half the battle, just getting her there, her liking it and wanting to go.  I have many friends on Facebook whose kids are not having as easy a time as Maria, they don't want to go, they cry every day, etc.  That would be really hard and I feel for them.  But for the first time in my life, I feel like I may be having an easier go of it and for that I am grateful.

She loves her teacher, she is very excited that there is a behavior chart and it has colors and she is DYING to get to the top of it every week.  She told me that there are things you can do to be good and she is going to do them! I asked her what kind of things and she said, you know, like being quiet when the teacher talks, and pushing the chairs in.  I saw her teacher last week on the playground, after school, and she said it seems like Maria was made for kindergarten, she loves it.  She said someone lost their lunchbox that day and Maria was all, "I CAN FIND IT!  I WILL FIND IT!"  Ha!

We see her classmates in church, and last week we went to Target one day after school.  We saw Maria's friend Gracie and although she seemed shy about it, she went over and said hi and the girls had a little hug right there by the carts.  Stuff like that makes me a little weepy thinking about it, not that mah babee is growing up but that she is going to meet so many people in her life!  And she is the kind of girl, so far, who wants to hug her friends and say hi at Target!  It's exciting.  Mostly it is all very exciting, with old Maria.  And LOUD.  Exciting and Loud.


Leeann said...

That's awesome. GO MARIA!!

RoseBFK said...

I can hear Little Red Riding Hood singing, "Exciting and Loud."