Sunday, February 26, 2012


Maria's doing great.  She is a very fun four year old, even if she is going to drive me insane with the questions about her schedule.  Yesterday morning, she hammered away at me until I told her what we were doing through next THURSDAY!  I should be happy she goes places, I suppose.

This week I had a playdate with Naomi, a girl in Maria's class.  She is younger than Maria, kind of between Maria and Veronica and I'm sure Maria bosses her around at school.  Well, Naomi's sister Mary came over too and she's FIVE and she's not shy AT ALL and SHE was kind of the boss of some things at the playdate and hoo BOY, can you imagine how that went over?  When not only Naomi but sometimes Veronica was doing what Mary wanted to do and not Maria?  HA!  It was sad, Maria said "they are not playing what I want to, so YOU come up and tell them that have to do what I want".  Ooh, she was crying, so sad.  I told her no, you have to figure it out and take turns, blah blah blah. I feel bad for her because I am a bossypants, too!  I like things to go my way, too!  But they can't, always, and she's learning it.  She's tough enough, thank God, she can be crying one second and completely better the next, so I'm not too worried.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I went to a parent/teacher conference at Maria's school, my first.  It's funny, I know I am in denial about being an adult because when I think about a parent/teacher anything, I never think that I am parent, I think about my Dad and Mom, ha!  Oh, they love Maria at school!  It's really nice to hear, I mean, she drives me mad daily but I really do see all the good in her, I swear, but it's nice to have it confirmed by an outside person.

Her teacher said she has two good girlfriends at school, Paige and Josie, but that she is willing to play with other kids too.  She said she is extremely empathetic and kind and that she avoids conflict.  She said Maria is the only one in her class who will put on her own coat and that they are working on zipping it up.  She said they call her the Walmart Greeter at school, because she stands by the door every morning saying hi to everyone and announcing their arrival.  She is doing fine motor skills wise.

She's perfect, of course, but ay yi yi is girlfriend sleeping badly!  I think she eats too late at night and I am trying to not give them too much to eat for an afternoon snack so they are hungry for dinner.  Typically Maria gets hungry around like 4:00 and eats a bunch and then doesn't want dinner, but DOES want a bunch of crap right before she goes to sleep.  She has been having "spaghetti dreams" as my friend Leslee used to call them, waking up in the night, etc.  She told me the other morning that she had a dream that Felicity turned into a bird and flew away.  Anyways, as usual, we are working on it.