Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Cocoa and Carols

So they do this adorable thing at Maria's school for the four and five year olds called Cocoa and Carols, and the 4's class and the Explorers class sing Christmas Carols and you drink Cocoa and watch.  Also, they were holiday festive clothing and little santa hats that they made out of construction paper.  Maria got super sick on Monday, she had an ear infection that made her howl and cry in pain, like this, OWWWWWWW!  OUCHHHHH!  OWWWWWWW-CHEEEEEEEEE OWWWWWW!  It was AWFUL.  Her temperature was 102 even after TWO doses of Advil.  But we went to the urgent care and saw our nice nun friend and she got ear drops and antibiotics and she felt better, she slept and slept.  I was so worried that she wasn't going to make it to her show and when I tell you she had been preparing and practicing, I am not kidding.  So I told her, let's pray that you feel good enough to go, Maria and we'll just see.  She woke up Tuesday morning and felt pretty good, although she didn't seem 100 percent, we got dressed anyway and by the time we got there and she performed, she was feeling good, I'd say.

She was really good.  I of course think that, but I think she really was!  You could really hear her and she wasn't shy, she was just great.  My mom and brother came, too, so that was exciting.  The only one who didn't come was Veronica, but she was in her own classroom.  Here's some pictures of Maria (and me and Felicity):

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