Friday, August 26, 2011


Fridays are becoming one of my favorite days with the girls. I think it helps because we don't have Anthony's home therapy anymore on Fridays and that used to sort of LOOM over my mind all day until it happened.

Today we went to our friend Marta's house, and we brought DONUT HOLES.  Maria is very big into donut holes and now we have made converts of her friends Charlie and Emma.  Emma's mother told me that Emma didn't even want breakfast today because she knew there would be donut holes later, ha!  Anyway, then Marta put aprons on each of the girls (adorbs) and they made pizzas and ate them.  It was the cutest thing I've ever seen and Marta is INCREDIBLY good with those girls and they all listen to her and spread that cheese on the pizza, rolled out the dough, so cute and good.  I took some pics with my phone and I'll post them later but I really want to type stuff as it happens.  It's been two weeks since I've posted here and this is WITHOUT the new baby so I'm trying to catch up.  Maria is downstairs SCREAMING and CRYING so I can't be here long.

God I wish I could ever have just a minute - like a minute or two during the day where I am not being screamed at or cried on, or forced to pick somebody up and carry them or whatever the hell.  By the time I have a minute, after they go to bed, I'm exhausted.  Anyways.

Bad mothering aside, it was a good day for Maria.  She likes her friends and even though she can be a little bossy, she is trying to be better.  It's hard for her, she bosses everyone around here and then she plays with friends who are NOT Anthony or Veronica and they don't want to hear it from her!  But I think she's doing well and we're lucky to have met these friends her age.  I want to tell them, be patient with Maria.  She can be a pain but she is worth it.  I mean, wouldn't you want to have her on your side in a fight?  I can't stand it when kids are mean to her, or don't seem to like her.  I feel like it's breaking my heart.  I know.  I KNOW I have to get tougher about it but not right now.  I'm the opposite of tough right now.

Yesterday Maria went on a picnic with my Mom, after hanging out in the morning with my Dad.  She really, really likes these Thursdays.  The went to a picnic, to Mass, and then shopping at 'the Red Store', which my mom deduced (correctly) is Target.  My mom bought Maria a new backpack on wheels, and one for Veronica.  She also bought her a Dora/Diego DVD, cupcakes, Princess toothpaste, and apple juice.  Maria can wear anybody down, this I know, because as I recall I NEVER would have gotten all that out of my mom on a trip to the grocery store!

We go and meet her preschool teacher this week, which should be fun, then they'll start next Tuesday.  I can't wait.  I'm excited for Maria, I think she'll like it and I am excited for me, too.  SUPER excited.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Maria asked that Mike get the camera the other night, when they were all in the tub, so he did. I had to crop V out, and Maria's hands, which are dancing hands, because she's naked and we all have to suffer because there are a million pervs out there on the Internet. But it's adorable, trust me.

Maria is doing well, but she is driving me crazy and I am already kind of crazy. There are many, MANY good things about her. MANY. She is a good sleeper, she has moved into her big bed and she loves it and has adapted very well. She is loving and sweet to Anthony and Veronica. She says YAY! and gets as excited as anyone when Anthony has success with toilet training. She is so smart, she has never forgotten one thing in her life, she knows how to do everything - turn on the hose, fill the pool, get herself into her carseat, etc. etc.

HOWEVER. She negates all the good things she does with one thing. Every day of my life, she starts hammering away at me about what we are doing that day. She starts when her eyes open and she doesn't stop until they close. I try to ignore it, I try to answer her, I try everything I can to not make it so freaking miserable but I can't help it. She is like an interrogator, it's awful. WHERE MARIA GOING TODAY? WHERE MARIA GOING TODAY? WHERE MARIA GOING TODAY? WHERE MARIA GOING TODAY? And God help you if she doesn't like the answer.
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