Thursday, October 18, 2012


Look at her, popping out that knee!  She is a funny duck, I don't know where she gets all her moves.  Lately she has been singing, on the fireplace as usual, but really FLINGING around her microphone of choice.  Today it was a stuffed snake.  She is at a friend's house today and I am home with just Veronica and Felicity so it feels verrry quiet without her.

Maria was sick this week, she couldn't go to school on Monday, which was a DAMNED SHAME because she was on fall break last week.  She had a virus, I guess, she was up in the night and took some Advil and then threw up in the morning.  It was awful for her to watch Veronica go to school and she couldn't go.  I took her to the doctor that afternoon, though, and she was FINE and it made me look like an idiot, as usual.

I did get the girls flu shots, though, against my better judgment.  Flu shots seem SO bogus to me, and I know that that makes me a science hating freak but it's like this:  I watch a lot of tv and there are a LOT and I mean a LOT of ads for pharmaceutical companies.  I have a friend who used to work for Pfizer and she went on a LOT of vacations and to a lot of work parties and went out to lunch and dinner a LOT, all on the company dime.  These companies have to be paying money for their ads (mostly for Viagra) during football Sundays, and for all these dinners and lunches and vacations and parties, so I ask you?  Where does the money come from?  Anyways, every time I walk into Walgreens, every single person that works there and some that don't ask me don't I want a flu shot and I think no, no I really don't.  It costs $25 at Walgreen's and you DON'T NEED AN APPOINTMENT but I think how much does it cost Walgreen's?  How much does it cost the pharmaceutical companies?  The doctor's office?  Whatever, I'm sure I'm wrong and you can't put a price on health blah blah blah but it still stinks, to me.

Maria was fine, though, she started negotiating right away, how much would it hurt, what would she get for putting up with this hurt, etc.  She was just fine, of course.  Veronica is still crying and it was four days ago, ha!  Kidding!  But Maria is a tough old bird, is my point.

She is doing great in school, great with her writing.  Her handwriting is actually not bad!  This time next year she'll be a Kindergartner, gone all day, five days a week and I'll tell you what:  I would be LYING if I said I'm not looking forward to it, for me and for her.