Friday, December 2, 2011


I was making our Christmas cards the other night and I realized I have SO few pictures of Maria.  I ended up using one from August!  What can I say, it's been busy.  But Maria is ever present, don't you worry.  Lately, Maria:

  • has taken to demanding to know the schedule for not just the next day, but the whole week.  Lucky for ME, she only knows four days of the week.  So we talk about Monday, she go to school.  Tuesday, she go to school.  Wednesday, she go to the library AND lunch, and Friday, she go to ballet.  She doesn't know Thursday, and do you want to know why?  Because we don't have anything scheduled on Thursday and therefore it doesn't exist.  
  • is doing very well in preschool.  Her teacher's name is Miss Stacey and another parent told Mike last week that she always thinks of Maria as "Miss Stacey Jr." because Maria stands by the door in the morning and announces which student is coming in.  "Good Morning, PATRICK!", she'll yell.  And then she says "Miss Stacey!  PATRICK IS HERE!". 
  • has been enjoying ballet, but she's not too serious about it.  I notice the teacher telling other parents that their student is starting to do well, to maybe move up, but the teacher always just says hi to me.  Ha!  I don't care, she loves it and it's inexpensive.  Today she told me she'd like to do tap dancing, so maybe we'll do that some day in the future.  FARRRR in the future.  
  • gets along well with Veronica.  They are mostly pretty sweet together, still.  
  • loves the baby.  
  • loves to talk on the phone.  We call my mom, my dad, and Mike's mom pretty often.  She asks my mother the same thing all the time.  "How's your new red car, Grandma?" is big and also "How's Grandpa?".  She tells them about 'her baby' and about school, and ugh, just everything.  She is hard to understand AND she holds the phone about two feet from her ear and mouth so it's interesting.  It's not what old Alexander Graham Bell intended, that's for sure, ha!  
  • is enjoying the iPad and Netflix.  She likes Strawberry Shortcake, which Mike and I think is the dumbest thing, ever.  
So, she's doing well, she's almost four.  We talk a lot about Christmas.  We have an Elf on the Shelf that we are all having fun with.  She's fine.  She's the least AND the most of my worries, ha!