Friday, November 4, 2011


She was a perfect trick or treater. She looked great, she was polite, she loved to give out candy. She was just perfect!
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So she fell out of bed last week and her teeth were loose and we were worried that she'd lose them, or have to have them pulled. Then on Tuesday of this week, she was swinging at school and she knocked one out - or almost out - Mike took her to see the dentist and I guess they walked in and the dentist just yanked it out from where it was hanging. I wish she would have done it and then maybe we wouldn't get charged for an extraction, ha! Maybe we won't anyway, who knows. She was upset the day it happened, but mostly because she couldn't go back to school for lunch. She has been fine and FINE ever since, she is a real trouper, I'll give her that.

They are both driving me crazy about this baby. My GOD they are loud and all they want to do is push their dirty fingers in her eyes and mouth. It's hard, but I'm assuming it won't last. It's hardest on Mike, because in the evening, I usually have the fussy baby in the sling and although I am hands-free and you'd THINK I could help get them in their pajamas and whatever, I really can't because they have to yank the sling off the baby's face, so they can JAM their fingers in her mouth. Oy. It's bedtime right now, if you couldn't tell.

Maria has had a good week, they must be working on letters at school, she knows all about what words start with what letters. She can count to infinity, she is really getting into books, she dances like a crazy person. Lately her thing is stepdancing and oh, my Lord, it's hilarious. She is a funny girl, she drives me mad but mostly I just love and like her a lot. She is one tough cookie.
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