Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Michael and Terri (and Kira)


My cousin Michael (who is my favorite baby that I ever babysat) and his wife sent us this and another sleeper and a sleep sack for the baby. They have a little girl named Kira who was born this year. Mike and I met her on July 4 in NJ, when she was just weeks old. Anyway, it was very nice of Terri, she wrote a note and said that she had been getting winter clothes for Kira and figured we might need stuff for a winter baby since we both had summer babies. She and I had the same due date, June 14, for our kids. Terri said she thinks we are having a girl and she is very intuitive about me because she knew the day Anthony was born that he was born before anyone told her. It's as reasonable as any other guess about this baby's sex, I guess.
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