Sunday, February 24, 2013

Of course!

Today Maria and Veronica and I went to church and then we went to Le Peep to pick up breakfast.  As we pulled up to the restaurant, Maria started bugging me about getting a booster.  She didn't say booster, exactly, but I figured out what she was saying and I said no, Maria, you are not getting a booster, you already have a car seat.  Ooh she was getting so mad!  I knew why she was thinking it, she spent time with her friend Charlie this weekend and she has a booster seat.  She is six months older than Maria, although I like to keep them in 5-point boosters as long as I can and I had no intention of moving her, which is WHY, I told her, we spent almost 300 damned DOLLARS on her present car seat.  Anyway, she cracks me up.

We went into the LePeep and this GORGEOUS young guy was working there and he gave them each a mint and she said "Thank You" and he said Gracias, say gracias, and now you know Spanish.  He was SUPER cute but she would not engage, even though she totally knows gracias, and hola, and a lot of Spanish words.  But she was TOO MAD about the BOOSTER seat to even talk to this cute boy, ha!

We were walking out and I was blathering on about her car seat and how safe they were, I said don't you think I should keep you as safe as possible?  And she said OF COURSE I DO, MOM!  Ha!  She is five years old!  She was still mad when we got home but we settled on this - we will revisit it in July, when she is five and a half.  So I have until July.

Sunday, February 10, 2013


It's so much harder to use pictures since I have my new computer, it's a pain.  Hopefully I'll add a picture later but in the meantime I need to update these blogs!  Time is flying!  Tempis is fugiting!  Or something.  Anyways, this is how things are going for Maria.

Just fine.  She is doing just fine.  She turned five, she had a birthday party, she went with me to the Open House at her new school and inspected the two kindergarten classrooms there, she'll be in one of them.  There are two possible teachers for her next year and I met both of them, they both seem very nice and I have no opinion about which one is her teacher.  She drives me crazy, Maria, but she is my easiest child in this way.  She is so smart and flexible and not shy and I just am not worried about her starting school full time.  I worry it won't come soon enough, ha! Now that we've seen the classroom, she keeps bugging me every day about when will it be 'the fall' and when she'll start.

She had her first sleepover at a friend's house this weekend.  She has a nice friend named Josie at school and they were in the same classroom last year but this year they are in a different one, because Josie is an 'explorer', for which you have to be five by 12/31 and of course Maria wasn't five until 1/11.  They still are great friends and they have been setting it up to get together for a few weeks.  Josie's mom asked me last week if Maria could sleep over and I said HELL YES so she did.  Of course it was fine.  Maria said her 'ear hurt' that morning, which made me a little nervous because Veronica and Felicity both have ear infections but she was fine.  They went swimming at the local Y on Friday night and had a great time.  Maria came home with cupcakes that they made and a temporary tattoo, and she was so tired.  She napped for over an hour yesterday in the chair, she was OUT like a LIGHT.

She drives me crazy about what time it is, every single second of the day should be accounted for, according to Maria.  It's extremely annoying and is really hard for me.  I know that sounds crazy but my God, you can't imagine.  EVERY SECOND, what time it is, she asks?  And if I don't answer right away, she asks again, more urgently and louder.  WHAT TIME IT IS MOMMY?  If I say it's 10 of 12, she says WHAT NUMBERS IS THAT?  Oh, it's crazy.  CRAZY.  But she's super smart, she really is learning to tell time, so what can I do except count the damned seconds when she is bugging someone else about it.

She's doing well in ballet, she is in the Intermediate class now and it's going well.  She has a friend in class whose name is Kestral, but she calls her Gestral.  I say Maria, it's K-K-K-K-Kestral and she says, like my niece Moira always used to, K-K-Gestral!  Ha!

She weighs 45 pounds, we found out last Sunday when we took Veronica to the Be Well Clinic for her ear infection.  She is in mostly size 5 clothes now and her new ballet shoes are size 12.5.  So far, five is going very well for Maria and I love her madly.