Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Happy Birthday Maria!

So, Maria turned five.  She is a real dreamboat of a five year old, I'll say that.  I mean, she wakes up too early and she is super loud and she yells at me the second I say NO about anything but all of that falls away when I think of what a good girl she is.  She is so funny and charming, and she is tough and cute and she knows how to have a good time.

We had cupcakes for her on Friday night, my sister Laura came up before bedtime and gave Maria her present.  She gave her this excellent headband making kit and both Maria and Veronica went crazy over it.  Saturday we had a party for her at Chuck E. Cheese and she got up and dressed by 7:30. The party was at 12:30, soooo that was a long five hours, as you can imagine.

That place is CRAZY.  I told her that she could have a party here and have as many friends as she wanted or if she had it at CEC, she'd have to just invite a few friends from school, and she wanted it at Chuck E. Cheese.  Since we only intend to have big parties for their 5th, 10th and 15th birthdays, I wanted to do what she wanted.  It was hard to be a good hostess, so much of it is done for you and it's just crazy insane, so crowded and loud.  I feel like I barely saw her.  But it was so cute, Chuck E. Cheese himself gives her a crown, our hostess announced Maria like this, she said, "this is Maria, she' FIVE today and her favorite color is pink!  Give it up for Maria!" and then everyone went crazy banana pants clapping for her, including me.  It was exciting and Maria has NO problem being the center of all that crazy attention.  Veronica needed a little time out from all the noise, but not Maria.  She could have stayed there all day.  She really remembered to say thank you (with some prompting) and to talk to everyone, she is a good girl, I kept thinking all day.  She is the best little five year old I know.