Sunday, January 22, 2012

Disney on Ice

I took Maria to see Disney on Ice Princess Edition, or whatever it's called, today. My friend Katie had two tickets, and she was nice enough to invite us and BOY it was a treat! I didn't tell Maria until this morning that we were going, because I can only take so much. She would have hammered away at me about it, freaking out every day that it wasn't time to go yet, and I just knew it wouldn't end well. So anyways, off we went, we had a great time. She wore that dress, Laura gave it to her for her birthday and she seriously loves it. LOVES. IT. Laura has always been a good, thoughtful gift giver, but she really hits it out of the park with my kids and I appreciate her for it.

Oh, she was cute at the show! At first, she was sort of shy with me about it, kind of glancing over her shoulder at me to see if I was seeing what she was seeing. Then she started to get into it, and by that I mean, she peppered me with questions about what was happening. Unfortunately, she kept facing the action to talk to me and I was sitting to her left, so I didn't hear many of them. And actually, that was probably best, she was treating it like a movie, and by that I mean, hammering me with questions about what was going to happen. We watched about Princess Tiana and the Frog, then Cinderella, and then Rapunzel. Then for the big finale, they brought out ALL the princesses and their princes and I thought she would explode from the happiness. She was dancing, and so, so cute.

I said it on Facebook, and it's true: we have so many firsts with Maria, it's really exciting. Anthony would have probably not wanted to see Disney on Ice anyway, but who knows? It is fun to see a cute show with your child and have them really get into it. It's even fun to buy a $12 sno cone in a souvenir cup! She is always good when we are out, up until the time we leave. We never ever leave anywhere without her crying and screaming. It sucks and I hate it. I told my friend Marta the other day that it happens all the time, and she said (her kids are older) that I can expect it until she is five or six. But then, I told her, I have to get through it with Veronica and Felicity too? Six years? Six years of dragging some kid through the museum exit, the library, the store, everywhere? Sheesh.
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Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Thank God for Maria - she doesn't have any confidence problems, does she? If I was given an option, if someone said to me, she could keep all her confidence AND her volume, or she could quiet the hell down and leave you alone sometimes, but not have such confidence in herself, I'd go for the former and wish for deafness. I'm that good a mother. Ha! She really is amazing. She marches in to the 'haircut shop' today, as she calls it, and picks out her chair, the lady combs and wets her hair and she just sits there, pulling her head this way and that so she can see the mirror better. She kills me.

Here's my Maria story for today: I told her that she could go to the store with me after Mike got home because Veronica couldn't go. Veronica was b-a-d all damned day and I had had it. So she goes to BLEAT to Veronica "Veronica! You can't go to the store cause you bad!". I said, shhhh! You don't have to say anything to Veronica, just worry about YOU! (I say this 1200 times a day). So she WHISPERS it: veronica! you can't go to the store cause you bad!. I said NOOOO! SHHHH! Do not tell Veronica anything! So she walks over and kneels down next to Felicity and she says, super sweetly in Fifi's ear, "Felicity! You know what? Veronica can't go to the store cause she baaaaad". I give! I give!, I want to cry, several thousand times a day. She is killing me.

They don't have school until Monday and I told someone today, I am getting so mad at the preschool for having off for two weeks I want to go and take my Christmas present back, ha! Oh well, tomorrow V has speech and we might get together with our neighbor in the afternoon, then Thursday maybe we'll go to the Y and Friday we are having a little Friday ballet playdate for Maria's birthday. She hasn't asked for a big party so I am not doing one. We're just going to have Emma and Charlie here, her girls from ballet, and their brothers and mothers and we'll have lunch and cupcakes. Maybe we'll go order them tomorrow. It is very challenging to take Maria where she wants to go and still let Felicity nap and hate the car like she does, AND workout AND shower. How I wish there were boarding preschools, sometimes. Kidding! I AM KIDDING!
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