Thursday, October 27, 2011


Poor Maria. I assure you I haven't been neglecting her like I have been her blog. Here she is enjoying a bedtime snack with old Veevsalah Voo. The other night she fell out of bed, BOOM! it went, around midnight. I was downstairs with the baby and I thought either one of them fell out of bed or someone dropped a big bag of bricks in their room. Mike went in and I heard Maria crying and crying AND crying, so I went up to see her. Mike was just putting her back to bed, she had busted up her lip and was still crying but went back to sleep. Then Mike took her to the dentist on Tuesday and lo and behold, her two front teeth are loose and might have to come out! We are praying and praying that by giving her soft food and her staying off them, as it were, she will be better in two weeks and won't have to have her teeth pulled. That would be a long time to go without front teeth and I am loathe to think about getting her a flipper or whatever it is they use on Toddlers and Tiaras.

We felt terrible that we didn't know it was more serious but the thing is, she is so tough you just wouldn't know if there was something wrong. She wouldn't miss school for anything, so we can't ever find out how she really is.

She's so cute and funny, though. Mike said she was super brave at the dentist, he got her settled in and then had to go with Anthony and she was fine by herself. I had some friends come over this week to see the baby and she just chatted away with them, told them she poops on the potty but Veevsy doesn't, but Anthony does, etc., etc. She's gross but charming! She's so good with the baby but unfortunately Veronica isn't, so I have to run and go save Mike. I'll be glad when this baby is old enough to punch those little hands away from her face!
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