Monday, February 28, 2011


At the Museum, last week. Its' the first time we've gone since she turned three, so she could go on a horse that went up and down. I was afraid she'd be scared, but of course she was fine. She is a tough girl. We had a hell of a crazy time at the museum. It was crazy crowded, I didn't have my stroller, and the girls have reached an age where neither of them want to do the same thing AND they are both able to get away from me. I lost Maria once - thank God my friend Nami was there because she went to the one exhibit to look for her while I looked where we WERE. I won't go there again with the two of them unless I have the stroller, because at least then I can strap V in while I chase Maria. She went to school today and she did great with the potty thing ALL day. She always does well there, potty-wise. She's only had one accident in months. We are working on it at home more, both of us, and it's going well. She is doing fine, although I wish she ate better. I wish she liked juice less and wasn't so obsessive about having her own way. I feel like all I say, all day, is NO! Lucky for me, she can be super hateful, so I don't feel as bad as I would if she were nice about it.
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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Reading to Veronica

I've been using this new editing tool that's part of Picasa, which is free from Google. I really like it, I never have time to do anything serious, so I like to just try something and save it. Someday, what would I do, if I had time? If I could just sit and my desk and work on pictures? It feels like a dream.

What I would like for my birthday, not that this blog is about me, is a Flip Video Camera. I had one, I think I got it for Christmas the year before Maria was two but she broke that damned thing. THEN when we got our house broken into, the stupid thieves didn't steal it so I couldn't claim it on the insurance. Anyways, I never take video anymore and they are all doing such cute things, Maria especially, with the singing, I'd love to get some of it. So. In case anyone who reads this also is in the habit of getting me a birthday present, I would like a Flip. :)

Maria had a pretty good day today. We had to stay close to home because I had a fence guy coming over mid-morning. But we went to the store and the two girls drove in one of those car carts. Those are a pain and I hate them BUT it was super not-crowded at the store so I figured it would be okay and it was.

Lately, Maria's been using toothpicks for her food, and I totally approve. It makes it a lot easier for her to eat, she can't work a fork wonderfully yet, the toothpick is a great transitional tool, I figure, and it's fun. Today she ate a whole hot dog before we went to the store, even! She spears the pieces and then dips it in ketchup, she's a crackup. She really doesn't like a lot of food. I am trying to have her snack less so that she is actually hungry and will try stuff but she can be a LARGE pain about a snack when she wants one. We're trying to have more fruit but she never likes a veg.

I hate to end this so abruptly but everyone is FREAKING out because I am sitting down. The nerve.
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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Pretty in Pink

I know it's cliche but she really is, right?  Pretty?  In Pink?  This sweater was from Christmas, from Mike's mom and we have just gotten her in it.  Maria doesn't believe in wearing sweaters over a shirt or something, she thinks they are all JACKETS and yesterday was the first day it was warm enough to have her wear a sweater as a jacket.  She loves to go outside, she can put on her own clothes and boots, even though the boots are rarely on the right feet.  She doesn't like to do things for very long, so it's nice to have this weather break and not have to put on every piece of clothing in the house before we go out, since we're only going to be out their for two or three minutes.  She loves to ring the doorbell at the back door and when I answer it, she says "Helooooo!".

She has been singing a lot, she loves the songs from Beauty and the Beast and she really likes Cee Lo's "Forget You'.  She has a sweet voice and is a good singer.  She gets that from me and I'm just going to say it because although Mike is a good singer, I'm sick of hearing about how she gets EVERYTHING else from me - the incessant talking, etc., so I'm go ahead and take the singing.

Monday, February 14, 2011


Maria had her Valentine's Day party at school today and I think she had a good time. She said "Ben HIT ME!", right when I got there to pick her up. I said "did you do anything to him? Did you hit him first?" "Yes!", she answered. Sigh. She said he hit her right in the EAR. God only knows what the truth is. She drives me bonky bonks on Monday because she's so tired she falls asleep on the way home from school and then she won't nap so she is UP IN MY FACE all day. She yelled and screamed today after we got Anthony because I woldn't stop for apple juice. Sheesh. She is a wonder - I love her so much and she is so affectionate and great. She is also a genius and she carries a pretty good tune. But sometimes I can't take one more second of her. She is SO loud and SO up in your grill all the time. But super sweet. Look at her. I picked out a red shirt for her today and said "how about this?" and she got that AC DC shirt and said, How about THIS? So that's what she wore. Anyways, first Valentine's Day party, one ear hit, several valentines, one hundred lollipops. I'd say it's a success.

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Monday, February 7, 2011


Hoo boy.  She just has a cold but Lord is she a sicky looking child or what?  She just took a short nap today, too, so she's been *charming*.

Sunday, February 6, 2011


She's so cute, right? She missed school one day last week and ballet last week and she really wants to go back to school tomorrow but she has a pretty bad cold. I just put her to bed and her cheeks are so, so red. Fingers crossed!

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Putting her arm around Mike

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Snow Days

Hoo boy. I hope we can get out tomorrow! Maria loves to go out, anywhere, and she loves to go to school and she can do neither. She woke up from her nap today and said "I want want go shopping!". I feel bad for her but as usual I feel bad for us too.
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