Sunday, September 30, 2007

First Post

I started this blog to record stuff about the last 100 or so days of my pregnancy with Baby Number Two. I'm going to record some information about doctor visits, how we're feeling, how Anthony (this baby's older brother) feels about the new baby, stuff we need to get, etc. etc. I talked to my sister Laura tonight about the new babe and what I need to get done in the next few months and I decided on a blog. It's been great for documenting Anthony's first 2.25 years ( so I'm hoping it will be for our Lucky Number Two.

The baby is due January 15, 2008 but I tell everyone I'm due at 'the end of the year' so that it seems sooner and if the baby is listening, perhaps he or she will cooperate and come early. As my Uncle Leo said, it's just stupid to have a baby in January if you could have one in December. So we'll see!